Secret Walls X Bucketfeet - Chicago

I was selected to represent Chicago in the Bucketfeet x Secret Walls Art Battle! It was a great event with some fun people. Glad to be a part of it. 

Galerie F 3rd Anniversary: You Are Beautiful DIY

Glad to have a piece in Galerie F's biggest group show yet! Fun show for a great community. 

Galerie F - Mural

Painted a little mural for Galerie F today. 

Threadless - Mural

Painted a fun mural for Threadless today and yesterday. 

Reyka Vodka - Ad Murals

Just wrapped up two murals for Reyka Vodka. 


Dark Matter Coffee - Live Painting

This past week I live painted with several Chicago artists over at Dark Matter Coffee. It was a good time!

Fulton Market Kitchen - 5x5 Artist Series

My 5x5 residency at Fulton Market Kitchen was a great time and very productive. Went so well it was extended to two weeks. I was interviewed by Kori Coleman of the Chicagolite, and was also featured in Dawn's Dish on Fox 32. Below are links to both. 

The Colorful World of Nina Palomba -

Fox 32 - Dawn's Dish / 5x5 Artist Series Fulton Market Kitchen


β€œOur aspiration for 5x5 is to provide an innovative and dynamic platform for Chicago’s ever-growing community of talented artists who work in various disciplines. Here, these creators have the opportunity to both express themselves and connect with nascent art lovers in the city. This series welcomes guests to understand the complex process that goes into creating much of the art that we see,” says Founder and Managing Partner, Daniel Alonso.

Brooklyn Boulders - Mural

Brooklyn Boulders just opened an amazing facility here in Chicago. I did a quick  mural in their kids b-day room prior to their grand opening last month. 

Wicker Park - Mural

Spent a couple afternoons in Wicker Park last week painting this little mural. It was a quick, fun one. 

Dimo's Atm - Funny Money

Was back at Dimo's last month to paint their ATM. It now dispenses monopoly money. 

Public Matter / "The Belt" - Detroit Mural

Last week I got the amazing opportunity to paint a little mural in Library Street Collective's recently unveiled outdoor exhibition space "Public Matter." I'm honored to have a small space inside of 'the Belt'; a highly redeveloped alley behind the gallery showcasing many amazing artists including Pose, Cleon Peterson and Roids. Pretty special spontaneous mural for sure. Giant thanks to Library Street. 

Dose Market - Live Painting

I got a chance to be a featured artist at Dose Market's fall sale. It was an amazing experience and a blast! I painted the backdrop for the Smile Booth and spent the day doing small live paintings. See the backdrop in action here:

Bar Takito Mural

This past month I got the amazing opportunity to paint a mural in the brand new Bar Takito here in Chicago. It was a lot of fun and lot of work. The restaurant is now officially open, be sure to check it out! 

Introducing N.E. Thing Goes!

N.E.Thing Goes is my latest and greatest creation. It's been in the works for quite a while now, and I'm proud to say it is finally time to share it with the world. It may not seem like much, but big things are in the works. This current run of shirts is limited edition! So get em' while they're hot. Check it out in full here: